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Helping Families

The Wysch Foundation has been set up by the Wyschna family which includes Nick, Charlotte, Lizzie, Andrew and Brenda who all work as volunteers.

Projects that they have worked on in the past include sending families to the theatre together, arranging arts packs for young children during lockdown, arranging a theatre trip for an orphanage in South Africa, giving small bursaries to help out of work actors with their rent during lockdown and giving bursaries to performers wishing to go to drama school.

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Opening up the arts to everyone… that’s the goal!

Theatre and the arts is a wonderful place to escape from the day to day worries that we all have and The Wysch Foundation believes that it is a thing that everyone should have the chance to enjoy, if they wish. With theatre ticket prices and drama school fees so high, it makes the industry exclusive to those with money, which isn’t right. The Wysch Foundation is a small charity but one that wants to do their bit to make things better.

Even if it’s not a career choice, giving a young person access to the arts opens their minds to exciting things. It lets them imagine and dream and it gives them the confidence to express themselves.

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